ATM Parts – Advantages and Disadvantages

ATMs contain many parts, many of which wear out over time. Although there are non-OEM parts, these are often cheaper. OEM parts are generally of a higher standard. Here are some tips for choosing the right for your needs. Read on to find out more! Listed below are some advantages and disadvantages of buying non-OEM parts for your ATM. Purchasing genuine OEM parts will help you prevent your ATM from malfunctioning or causing you serious inconvenience.


You may be wondering whether the you purchase are OEM or non-OEM. While it is true that OEM parts will meet the standards of an ATM manufacturer, non-OEM parts are made by other manufacturers. While they may fit an ATM, they are often not as high quality as OEM parts. Moreover, non-OEM parts will not meet the tolerances of the ATM brand. In addition, these non-OEM parts may not meet your machine’s standards because they are not manufactured using the same processes and materials as OEM parts. Hence, you should choose your spare parts carefully.


ATMs are incredibly complex devices. There are many different types of parts and accessories. Selecting high-quality parts can increase the lifespan of the modules. While purchasing premium parts will increase your overhead costs, they are also likely to last longer. Premium parts are designed to be more reliable and last longer than off-brand alternatives. High-quality LED lighting, for instance, can last for five years. Fluorescent tubes last about one year.


In addition to their safety and security features, ATMs require reliable ATM parts. Most of these devices have diagnostic functions that can determine if a component needs to be replaced. If a component is broken, the repair costs can run anywhere from $500 to $700. While most professional buyers understand that price is an important consideration, they also know that these parts are often inferior and will break more often than comparable parts. The resulting damage to the machine will reduce uptime and customer experience and reduce the engineer’s efficiency.


If you run an ATM business, security of ATM parts is one of your top priorities. Adding a surveillance camera is a simple but effective way to protect your machine. These cameras can be placed around the ATM machine, on top of it or at a distance. If someone were to steal cash from an ATM, the camera can alert the authorities. Another way to protect is to install an alarm on the machine. These are relatively inexpensive and can help deter would-be criminals from robbing your business.


The regulations for ATM parts can vary from state to state. Many states don’t register and monitor nonbank ATMs. While many ATMs are used as cash dispensers, nonbank owners aren’t considered money services businesses and are not required to adhere to AML compliance guidelines. The exception is the ATM machine’s operator, which is a financial institution. While a financial institution may be regulated by federal and state governments, an independent ATM operator isn’t.

Backup card reader

If you own an ATM, you need to make sure that your card reader is in good working order at all times. If you don’t, your machine will fail to process transactions. It is critical that you keep a backup card reader handy. The card reader is the critical part of any ATM. Without it, you won’t be able to accept card payments. So, if your ATM goes down, it’s important that you keep a backup card reader on hand.