Advantages of UV MDF Board

UV MDF board

UV a type of particleboard that is coated with a UV-cured paint. The UV-cured paint has many advantages, including environmental friendliness, high surface hardness, high light transmittance, and a strong adhesion to base materials. One of the main benefits of UV-cured paint is that it is not susceptible to scratches, allowing you to create unique designs. It is also a great choice for kitchen cabinetry and cabinet boards.

Another major advantage of UV-cured its high gloss and durability. These materials are a perfect choice for doors, wardrobe doors, and other interior decoration applications. UV MDF boards also make excellent television stands, exhibition panels, bookshelves, and shoe cabinets. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly material that’s high-gloss but won’t cost a fortune, UV MDF is the way to go.

UV-coated materials are becoming increasingly popular, and you can find a wide range of items with UV coating. One of the best companies offering UV coated MDF boards is Action TESA. This product has a 9-layer coating that is designed to resist scratching, making it perfect for home decor. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to work with, making it ideal for a variety of applications. TESA’s UV Boards are available in a wide range of colors and designs, and can be used in a variety of different ways.

Ultra Violet Coating is a decorative lacquer that is cured by Ultra Violet rays in a closed chamber. The result is a highly polished finish that’s virtually emission-free. Another benefit is that the process is completely automated, synchronized, and PLC-controlled. There are doctor rolls and online pumps for a consistent and even spread of lacquer on wide format 4ft width CPL fibre boards.

UV paint, also known as photoinitiated paint, is applied to boards and dried using a UV curing machine. Its advantages include easy processing, bright color, and chemical resistance. Despite its advantages, UV paint is expensive and requires high-quality mechanical equipment. But once curing is complete, UV paint gives UV boards their high-gloss and antibacterial effect. It also has a high service life and is an ideal board maintenance treatment.