Add Style and Durability to Your Phone With a Phone Case

Add Style and Durability to Your Phone With a Phone Case

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Add Style and Durability to Your Phone With a Phone Case

If you want to add style to your phone while keeping it durable, consider a phone case. From clear cases that show off the beauty of your device to folio-style designs that hold cards, there are many choices available.

There are also combination cases that have a hard exterior and soft cushion layer that redistributes force from falls. These strike a good balance between the flexibility of a fully soft case and the impact-absorbing ability of a hard one.

Tough Cases

As phones get more adventurous, you’ll want a case that can keep up. Tough cases are thicker, and have extra reinforcement in the corners. They’re often designed to pass the MIL-STD 810G 516.6 drop test, which is a jumble of letters and numbers that basically means they can withstand multiple drops from decent heights.

These cases are often two-piece, with a polycarbonate outer layer and a soft inner layer. The combination helps redistribute the force of a fall. It’s better than a hard case that just bends, or a soft case that just absorbs the impact.

A tough case can still be slim, and there are many that aren’t bulky at all. For example, Survivor’s Snap isn’t as thin as some of its competitors, but it has raised bezels that lift the screen and camera off flat surfaces to help prevent scratches. It also has parametric shock-absorbing technology and is MagSafe compatible, so you can attach a belt holster if needed. It’s even made with bio-resins that were originally developed for space exploration. The Survivor case is available in black or clear, so you can show off your phone’s beauty.

Gel Cases

Designed to fit the slim contours of smartphones, gel cases add a layer of comfort and durability. They offer a soft, non-slip grip and often have a matte finish that repels fingerprints. These cases can also provide extra drop protection by creating a raised lip for the screen and cameras.

For green-minded consumers, Pela’s biodegradable case combines flax straw and flecked fabric for a colorful look that feels smooth in the hand. It adds some squared and enlarged corners to the phone’s otherwise rounded edges, and it can stand up to three meter (10-foot) drops with ease thanks to air-cushioned protection. The case is not MagSafe compatible and collects smudges easily, but it works well with wireless charging.

Another high-end option is a leather case, which can be made of real Phone case or PU leather and offers a sleek, professional look. Many of these cases are available with a pouch that can hold credit cards, making them an ideal accessory for travel or work. These cases can also be customized for additional appeal.

Leather Cases

Leather cases are a seriously stylish bit of kit that add a premium look and feel to your phone. They work well with most aesthetics & are great at keeping your phones from dust, spills & even some accidental drops.

The best genuine leather cases are supple, soft to the touch and develop a natural patina over time. They’re also more durable than silicone cases & can be wiped clean. The downside of leather is that it’s a natural material so it can show creases or marks over time if it’s exposed to a lot of light. It may also be prone to mildew if stored in airtight conditions.

This case from Bellroy is a great choice for anyone looking for a stylish wallet case that works with MagSafe and wireless charging. It’s made from high-quality leather that gets softer over time and features a subtle textured grain for grip, metal buttons & a raised cutout to protect your rear cameras. It’s compatible with the brand’s Mod Wallet attachments to turn it into a full-fledged wallet.

Flip Cases

A flip case is a type of mobile phone case that has a front cover that snaps into place. This type of case is popular for its ability to protect the screen and back of a device from scratches and smudges. In addition, some flip cases can also be used as a stand for hands-free video-watching and reading.

These cases are ideal for people who Phone case like to show off their phones’ designs and colors. They are usually made from clear or transparent material and come in a variety of solid color options. They are also compatible with wireless charging and have a built-in ring for holding the device securely in your hand.

Wallet cases and flip cases are some of the most popular kinds of mobile phone cases because they offer superior protection to smartphones. These cases are a good choice for travellers, students and field-workers. They provide great protection from physical damages as well as a secure way to keep credit cards, IDs and small amounts of cash. These cases are available in a wide range of styles and are popular among both men and women of all ages.

Book Cases

The case that looks like a book is one of the most popular phone accessory styles. It’s typically made of a hard material and has a flap that you open to access your phone. Some of them have extra features, such as a stand or a space for cards. These cases often have standard fall protection, which means they can protect your smartphone from a 2m drop.

If you’re looking for a more sustainable case, consider a plastic-free option that’s partly or entirely made of recycled or plant-based materials. It’s also good to look for a case that’s biodegradable, so it breaks down naturally in nature instead of ending up in landfills.

Etsy and Redbubble both offer a wide variety of designs for recent iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone models that refer to books, libraries, and reading. For example, you can find a Romeo and Juliet Prologue iPhone case designed and made by Caseful Studios. The case is available for iPhone 4/4S and the Galaxy S3. Out of Print also sells a snap-on, hard shell case with iconic cover art from A Clockwork Orange.