Acrylic Light Box Displays

Acrylic Light Box Displays

Acrylic Light Box

Acrylic Light Box Displays

Lightboxes are an eye-catching way to display artwork at home, work or business. They can also be used as a brand advertising tool.

Crescent Plastics offers acrylic and polycarbonate extruded lighting fixture lenses with the ideal level of diffusion for LED applications. Custom blends are available to optimize performance, aesthetics and cost.

High-Quality Printing

Incorporating lighting into acrylic signs is a popular way to add a pop of color and draw attention to your message. With durable acrylic panels and energy-efficient LED lights, these light box displays make a great addition to any location or event. They are especially effective in retail and commercial spaces, where they can attract customers and draw attention to a specific item or promotion.

These display frames are made from sturdy, clear acrylic that accentuates the colors in your images and artwork. They are also lightweight and easy to set up and take down. The front cover is also removable, allowing you to swap in new graphics quickly and easily. In addition to this, the frame has a track insert along the perimeter that makes it easy to swap in and out new backlit film posters.

If you want your lightbox to shine, you must use high-quality images and artwork. Using low-resolution images will result in visible pixels and blurry edges. Choosing the right size will also help your message to stand out. The depth of the lightbox will affect how evenly the LED strips spread Acrylic Light Box their light across your image. You don’t want your lightbox to be too shallow, as this may cause dotting or hotspots. It’s best to get a lightbox that is about 100mm-200mm deep.

Energy-Efficient LED Lights

Over the years, artificial lighting technologies have made incredible strides in efficiency. From the incandescent lights that only offer 10 lumens of visible light per watt to the fluorescent bulbs that provide 50 lumens of light per watt, we are now at an all-time high with the new LED lighting that offers up to 210 lumens of visible light per watt.

LEDs also have a much longer lifespan than standard bulbs. They can last for up to 25,000 hours and do not require as many replacements. Because they do not emit as much heat, they can be used in hotter environments and even in recessed or task lighting.

Additionally, LEDs are more energy efficient than standard bulbs. They produce more light with less electricity, so they save money on energy bills for businesses. They only use 80% of the electricity they consume to produce light, while other bulbs lose up to 95% of their energy in the form of heat.

When choosing LEDs, look for the lumens-to-watts ratio on the Lighting Facts label. The more efficient the bulb is, the lower its wattage rating will be. Another important feature of LEDs is that they can be dimmed. This allows you to adjust the brightness of your display without affecting the quality of the light it produces. You can find this information on the Lighting Facts Label, which is found on all packaging for lamps and bulbs.

Durable Acrylic Panels

Light diffusing acrylic withstands the elements, making it an ideal material for lighted signs and displays. This strong, optically clear plastic resists damage from impacts, UV radiation and fluctuating temperatures. It’s available in several thicknesses and colors to suit any design scheme. For example, 5-sided clear acrylic boxes offer a sleek look that’s ideal for retail displays, professional events and gallery and exhibition spaces.

For even more durability, choose acrylic sheets with an abrasion-resistant coating on one or both sides. This durable finish provides 40 times more resistance to marring and chemical attack than uncoated acrylic. These sheets are suitable for point-of-purchase displays and illuminated signage, as well as other applications where the material needs to withstand frequent use.

In addition to the abrasion-resistant option, you can also find colored acrylic sheets that Acrylic Light Box create stunning effects. The EdgeFX acrylic sheet, for example, blends dynamic colors into a smooth, uniform hue that’s sure to catch the eye of customers. There are also ELiT acrylic sheets that are designed specifically for use with LED lighting. This type of illumination emits less heat, making it more energy efficient than traditional fluorescent bulbs.

While acrylics are useful and versatile, they’re not without their drawbacks in terms of environmental impact. Like most plastics, they’re not biodegradable and must be disposed of as part of a responsible waste management program. In some cases, this means burning them, which isn’t as clean as it could be and releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Easy to Assemble

Lightboxes are an excellent tool for artists. They allow them to easily transfer patterns, subject matter and other details from a source image to their choice of art paper or canvas, saving time and energy. For this reason, they are also popular amongst animators.

To make your own DIY light box, start by cutting a shape out of a white translucent acrylic sheet. Cut a square or rectangular opening on one side of the sheet, then use an X-Acto knife to cut along the darker lines you see on the template. The lighter lines are folding marks, not cuts. Next, cut a piece of wax paper to fit the size of your openings and then glue it to the edges of the box. This will ensure that the lighting is even from both sides of the sheet.

Finally, add the 5-volt LED strip to your lightbox. It is important that the strips are not touching each other, as this can cause a short circuit. Ideally, the gaps between the strips should be smaller than the thickness of your box, but you can always experiment to find the perfect setup. Using this method, you can easily construct your own lightbox in minutes. Be sure to use professional-grade LED strips from a manufacturer like Epistar to get the best results.