Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panels

Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panels

acoustic slat wood wall panels

Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panels

Acoustic slat wood wall panels are a stylish way to reduce noise in rooms. They are easy to install and look great in any room. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing acoustic slat wood wall panels.

The timber veneer slats are mounted on an acoustic, fire-rated flexible polyester backing. This allows them to be easily fitted on flat or curved surfaces.


Unlike other acoustic control fixtures, which can create a distracting visual mess on the wall, wood acoustic panels are easy to integrate into existing decor and enhance the aesthetic of any room. Their natural finish helps to add a feeling of warmth and relaxation, while their versatility allows them to be shaped to accommodate the soft angles of curved walls or ceilings.

Slatted acoustic wood wall panels have gained popularity among interior designers as a cost-effective alternative to traditional soundproofing methods. The sound absorbing felt backing on each panel reduces noise levels and reverberation, while the wood veneer adds to the aesthetic of your space. They are also easy to install, requiring only a small fine saw for cutting and a hammer and nails.

Acoustic slat wood wall panels can be arranged to suit any design scheme, from rustic to modern. They are also a greener choice than many other sound dampening materials because they are made from renewable wood, which is harvested sustainably. Moreover, they emit low VOCs that contribute to healthier indoor air quality.

Moreover, the use of acoustic wood panels can help promote sustainable practices by encouraging businesses to source their products from suppliers that follow environmental and ethical standards. This will help them reduce their impact on the environment and improve their reputation among consumers.

Sound absorption

Besides being a great design element for any room, acoustic slat wood wall panels also acoustic slat wood wall panels offer sound absorption. This feature is especially useful in open offices where noise pollution can be a major distraction and hamper productivity. They also help in improving acoustics, and are an affordable alternative to traditional soundproofing methods.

They can be hung on any flat surface, including brick, concrete or gypsum board walls. They are lightweight and don’t require any fancy tools for installation. The only equipment needed is a small fine saw for cutting, a hammer, and nails. They can be arranged in different patterns and finishes to suit any design scheme. The slats are made from a high-quality hardwood or engineered wood, so they can last several years with proper care and maintenance.

The slats are also available in different colors and sizes to meet your specific needs. The color and slat spacing affect the aesthetics, sound absorption, and durability of the panel. You should choose a high-quality panel from a reputable manufacturer and retailer to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money.

If you are interested in acoustic wood slat panels for your home or business, contact The Wood Veneer Hub to request a sample. The cost of the sample box can be applied toward a full purchase of the product, making it an excellent investment for your space.


Acoustic slat wood panels are a great way to soundproof your home or office. They can be installed easily and provide a natural look while also absorbing sound waves. These panels are a great alternative to traditional soundproofing techniques, which can be expensive and ineffective.

These wooden slat panels are made from high-quality materials and offer a stunning aesthetic. They can be used in a wide variety of spaces, from homes to offices to hotels. They can be installed on walls or ceilings, and come in a range of finishes and colors. The slats are spaced 13mm apart, and each panel has its own natural characteristics and color variation.

In addition to improving acoustics, acoustic slat wall panels can help reduce noise pollution in the workplace. This can be an important factor in a business, where communication between employees is crucial for productivity. In addition, these panels can improve speech intelligibility in rooms with high noise levels.

These acoustic panels are an excellent choice for modern office spaces. They are easy to install and fit various design styles and décor. They are also durable and will not require frequent maintenance. They can withstand the wear and tear of heavy foot traffic and repeated use. They are available in a range of finishes, from lighter oak to darker walnut.

Easy to install

Acoustic slat wood wall panels are easy to install and offer many benefits. They are an alternative to traditional soundproofing methods that require layering drywall and can be used in homes, offices, schools and other spaces. They also offer a unique aesthetic that can elevate your interior design.

The installation process can be done by yourself, and there are a few different ways to go about it. Some people choose to center the panels on their walls acoustic slat wood wall panels for a framed look, while others prefer to mount them flush with the floor for a more grounded aesthetic. Regardless of your preference, you should measure the space and consider how you want to use the space before installing your panels.

Before you begin installation, it is important to clean the surface of your wall and remove any nails or trims that may interfere with the panelling. It is also a good idea to check the wall for damage or cracks. If you find any, this should be repaired to ensure that the slats adhere well.

Once you have cleaned the surface, generously apply adhesive to the back of your panel. Once the adhesive has cured, you can start the installation process. You will need to make cut outs for electrical outlets, wall switches and data ports. You will need a tape measure, scissors, metal square and utility knife to make these cuts. When you’re finished, be sure to check the vertical and horizontal alignment with a spirit level.