Acoustic Ceiling Wood Adds Warmth and Natural Character

Acoustic Ceiling Wood Adds Warmth and Natural Character

acoustic ceiling wood

Acoustic Ceiling Wood Adds Warmth and Natural Character

Acoustic ceiling wood brings warmth and natural character to any space. It also adds acoustical control without sacrificing design options.

The frequency-weighted impact sound level Ln,w and the spectrum adaptation term CI of raw constructions can be significantly reduced with the combination of floor construction improvements and suspended ceiling. This effect is particularly apparent at the higher frequencies.

SoftGrid(r) Flux

SoftGrid(r) Flux offers a unique geometric abstract shape and high-performance acoustic comfort in a scalable, easy-to-install package. The system features interweaving networks of acoustic panels made with Soft Sound(r) material that connect to create a pattern or can be used separately for a more focused design. Choose from a large library of colors and wood textures to accent the fins and complement your space. Soft Sound material reduces the impact of everyday noises like ringing, typing and chatter to enhance comfort, productivity and focus in offices. Flux also supports cost-effective strategies to promote safety and support caregiver accuracy and productivity in hospitals, medical clinics and wellness centers.

Delta Drop(r) 4×4

A commercial space that suffers from elevated noise levels or reverberation can benefit from an acoustic ceiling. These special ceilings incorporate either sound-absorbent tiles or direct-mounted panels that reduce the echo and reverberation in a room. acoustic ceiling wood They are especially useful in drop ceilings and can be used to treat the entire ceiling surface or a varying percentage of the ceiling area.

A common acoustic ceiling material is wood wool ceiling panels. They are highly porous, which means they absorb a lot of sound energy and help to control noise levels in the room. They also offer excellent speech intelligibility, which is essential for offices and classrooms.

Another popular acoustic ceiling option is fabric wrapped fiberglass ceiling panels. These acoustic ceiling panels are a high-performance replacement ceiling tile and are available in a variety of standard 2′ x 2′ and 2′ x 4′ surface dimensions. acoustic ceiling wood They use a highly absorptive core made from compressed fiberglass and are wrapped in a choice of several fabrics. Custom sized options are also available for unique applications. They are also available in a number of different facings if the standard white “painted nubby” aesthetic is not suitable.

SoftGrid(r) Switch

SoftGrid Switch brings faceted dimensionality to the ceiling without compromising acoustical performance. Its cellular baffle modules are easily connected with bridge clips to create faceted straight field layouts scalable for any size space. Designed from the ground up with Soft Sound acoustical material, these building blocks deliver high-performance sound attenuation and dramatic design effects.

Vapor ceiling system offers modern expression through abstract pattern that is both subtle and sophisticated. With multiple seamlessly tileable patterns, this system reduces reverberation and noise while adding depth and visual interest. Pair with Arktura’s integrated InLine or Backlight lighting and select from a wide range of colors, wood textures and light-transmitting frosted polycarbonate backers for maximum impact.

Acoustic ceiling systems play a critical role in office environments by contributing to healthy, productive workplaces. They also help maintain accurate patient care and staff productivity in healthcare facilities, long-term care communities and wellness centers. And, acoustic systems in retail stores help communicate brand, influence shoppers’ experience and buying behavior. For these and many other applications, look no further than Arktura’s SoftGrid line of acoustic ceiling clouds and baffles.