6inch Work Light Pods LED Fog Driving Lamp Waterproof SUV 4WD

6inch Work Light Pods LED Fog Driving Lamp Waterproof SUV 4WD

6inch Work Light Pods LED Fog Driving Lamp Waterproof SUV 4WD

Auxbeam’s bar is an excellent option for those looking to upgrade their offroad lighting without breaking the bank. These compact lights can be immersed in 3 feet of water for 30 minutes and are also dustproof and quakeproof.


When choosing a light bar, look for the highest lumen rating you can find. You can use this number to compare a few different brands and models of lights. Keep in mind, however, that there are other factors that affect how bright a light is. For example, the color temperature of the LEDs can impact how much light is emitted.

The CrawlBright light bar is a great option for those who need a lot of bright light for their off road vehicle. The 50″ model features 96 top quality Cree LED lights for unrivaled high-intensity lighting. It also includes an internal flasher with more than 15 selectable patterns. It can be hardwired to your vehicle, and the lights will remember the last pattern that was selected.

If you need an even brighter light for your off-road vehicle, consider the Quake Magma Series LED Light Bar. This durable, waterproof light bar is built to handle the toughest off-road conditions. It is designed to be used by casual off road enthusiasts, professional race teams, and emergency responders. This double-row light bar houses 24 CREE XLAMP XBD LEDs that produce a night-searing 7416 lumens.

The Quake Magma Series is made from a die-cast aluminum housing and has a black powder coat finish. It can withstand temperatures of -40 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, making it perfect for any climate. It is also IP67 rated, which means it is resistant to water and dust.

Color Temperature

The Waterproof Epistar LED Light Bar is available in different color temperatures and can be adjusted to your needs. Choose from cold white, warm white, or natural white. The cool white light produces a more neutral glow, while the warm white has a more yellowish tone. Both colors work well in any environment and can be used to create a more dramatic lighting effect.

Compared with traditional LED strip lights, Epistar red LEDs have high luminous efficacy and brightness. They also produce more vivid and saturated red light. This is made possible thanks to the advanced direct energy bandgap materials in the LED package. These features make the Red SMD LED Strips suitable for jewelry & watch shops, cosmetic luxury retail shops, and more. If you want to improve heat release and increase the lifespan of your strip, use a rigid aluminum PCB and channel profiles to reduce heat build-up.

Our heavy duty LED lights are encased in an indestructible housing to protect them from the elements. They are built to withstand harsh conditions and extreme temperatures and can be installed on any truck, Waterproof Epistar LED Light Bar car, tractor, or trailer. They are great for back-up lights, auxiliary lights, work lights, digger lights, or reverse lights. Please check your state/provincial and local laws to ensure this product is legal for your vehicle.


If you’re looking for an LED light bar with multiple flash patterns, this one is a great choice. It comes with a rocker switch on the lighter plug, so you can choose from 15 different flash patterns. It also remembers the last pattern that you used. This makes it easy to find the perfect pattern for your needs.

With a powerful 3-watt CREE LED, this double row light bar is able to produce 136 lumens per watt. That amount of luminous flux requires the LED to be kept cool. This is accomplished through the use of an aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum extruded housing with oversized heat sink fins. This allows the heat to be dissipated quickly, maximizing LED life.

This heavy duty, waterproof LED work light is ideal for a variety of applications. The frosted lens and die cast aluminum housing provide excellent protection against the elements. The housing is coated in a durable black powder coat finish to resist scuffs and scratches. It is easy to mount using the included mounting clips and brackets.

This waterproof LED light bar is a must-have for boaters. With a built-in motion detector, it can detect movement within 9 feet and shut off after 30 seconds to save power. The detection angle can be adjusted easily, making it easy to point in the right direction for waterway safety.


This waterproof light is designed to handle the harshest elements, and it’s built to last with a durable die cast aluminum casing. The watertight seals and lenses protect the LEDs from dirt and debris, and it can withstand temperatures between -40 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Adding auxiliary lighting is a popular modification for many offroaders, and this LED light bar from Rough Country is an excellent Waterproof Epistar LED Light Bar choice. It features a narrow flood pattern that shines where you need it most on the trail, and it can be mounted over the front fender under your main headlight so it doesn’t block your vision. It’s simple to install, and it uses a single bolt with a mount bracket that fits just under the lower triple clamp. The light comes with a waterproof connector and the opposite male connector so it can be wired directly to a power source on your bike, and you can add a handlebar light switch for control.

The Extreme LED Light Bar is an extremely popular option for Toyota 4×4 owners, and it’s been used by thousands of off-roaders. It’s powered by CREE LED technology, which creates more lumens per watt than other LED lights. This light is fully waterproof and has a high-quality aluminum construction with cooling fins for improved heat dissipation. It can be run off of a 12 volt battery, and the rocker switch on the cigarette lighter plug lets you choose from 15 different flash patterns.