4G Solar Camera – Powerful and Cost-Effective

4G Solar Camera – Powerful and Cost-Effective

4g solar camera

4G Solar Camera – Powerful and Cost-Effective

Powered by solar energy, this 4g solar camera can be deployed in remote areas without the need for wirings. It also eliminates the risk of power outages and saves on electrical bills.

Besides, there are no monitoring service fees and cloud storage subscriptions (FREE for basic plan). Moreover, it offers a powerful PIR motion sensor for swift movement detection, avoiding false alarms by insects or pets.


Unlike traditional security systems that require expensive wires to connect them to your home’s Internet connection and power supply, solar-powered outdoor cameras are much more cost-effective. Because they run on sunlight instead of electricity, they don’t have a continuous power cost or an internet provider to pay for, which is typically bundled with a telephone line.

Solar-powered solar camera systems can also be much easier to install than traditional security systems. The main components of a solar-powered camera are the solar panel and the camera itself, which can be mounted directly on the surface of your roof or in any other location with a clear view of the sky. The solar panel is then connected to the battery, which is charged by the sun. This battery then powers the camera during the day and uploads recordings to the cloud at night.

The best solar-powered cameras have high-resolution images and video and are equipped with a PIR motion sensor. This motion detection system is highly sensitive and can distinguish between human movement and other natural elements, reducing the number of false alarms caused by the weather or other external factors.

Another important feature of a solar-powered camera is its ability to work in winter. While it is recommended to place the solar panel in a spot that receives direct 4g solar camera sunlight, the camera itself can be placed in partial shade as long as the sun is able to reach the lens.

Motion Detection

With a built-in IR LED array and PIR motion sensor, the camera is highly sensitive to any movement. Unlike many solar cameras that are prone to false alarms from the sun and other natural elements, this model is specially designed to differentiate between humans and animals by analyzing the IR radiation of each object. This feature ensures your property is always safe, and you won’t be wasting energy on unnecessary recordings.

Another advantage of this model is that it is 100% wire-free, making it easier to install in difficult areas like a rooftop or in the middle of a field. The battery is charged by a solar panel and MPPT controller, allowing you to keep the camera running for days on end even when there is no sunlight.

With its class-leading 1080p Full HD resolution and advanced starlight CMOS image sensor, this model is ideal for long term outdoor surveillance in remote locations without Wi-Fi or electricity. It can be used in places like farms, mines, orchards and construction sites. It works in a similar way to a regular CCTV system, transmitting signals via 3G/4G using a data sim card. Once activated with a valid service plan, the camera will be able to send signals directly to your smartphone or tablet. It also supports cloud storage, allowing you to save recorded events on the encrypted server.

Cloud Storage

Unlike the traditional CCTV camera system that requires a wired internet connection, 4G solar cameras transmit video signals over mobile network utilising 3G/4G wireless data via a data sim module. This makes them ideal for locations without power input and wired internet connection.

Using solar energy to recharge the internal battery and providing the power for movement detection, the solar powered solar security camera works completely wirelessly and is suitable for both residential and commercial use. The solar power camera is easily installed and a user-friendly App allows for easy control and monitoring from anywhere in the world with a smartphone or tablet.

This high-end solar security camera has a class-leading 1080p resolution and starlight night vision to offer excellent video performance. The camera has a micro SD card slot which can support up to 128 GB for local storage. The infrared LEDs ensure that even in darkness, criminals have nowhere to hide.

For additional peace of mind, this solar powered cellular site camera comes with free cloud storage that works outside of the SD card storage and provides web-based access to view images and videos. It also offers a range of monthly 1GB to 5GB data packages to suit individual needs. A great option if you need to monitor construction sites, oil and gas wells or ranches where there is no fixed internet connectivity.

Remote Access

Unlike WiFi solar cameras which need to be connected to an Internet 4g solar camera network and use a fixed data plan, this 4g solar camera has its own independent mobile cellular connectivity and uses a prepaid SIM card that is inserted into the camera. This allows the camera to operate independently and be used in remote locations where power & Internet is unavailable or intermittent.

Using the built-in solar panel to provide backup power this outdoor security camera operates 24/7 recording or on a motion detection mode when triggered. A powerful infrared LED or white light night vision enables the camera to detect movement day or night and is a significant deterrent to intruders.

The camera can be accessed remotely via a free App on iOS or Android devices. When the camera senses movement, the user can receive a push notification or view live on their smartphone or PC. Alternatively, the camera can be programmed to record a video clip to the internal SD memory or to the cloud (service available). The PTZ movement function of 355° horizontal and 120° vertical rotation and 4x digital zoom is controlled directly from the App and enables users to follow an intruder and capture footage of their movements.

This is an ideal camera to monitor remote cabins, fishing ponds, farms or construction sites where power and internet is unavailable or intermittent. It can also be a useful tool to provide home surveillance for second homes or holiday homes that do not require the cost and hassle of installing wiring.