4g Solar Camera – An All-In-One Security Solution

4g Solar Camera – An All-In-One Security Solution

Designed for remote outdoor scenarios without power input and wired network connections, 4g solar camera offers a convenient monitoring solution. It can save energy and data cost by using cellular wireless transmission and solar power for power.

Make sure the camera receives sufficient direct sunlight daily during peak sun hours to keep it charged. Otherwise, it may lose charge faster.


The solar powered 4G security camera offers an all-in-one solution for your home or business. It works wirelessly 24/7, is completely self-sufficient with a 10AH li-ion battery and uses independent power generated by the solar panel to recharge itself during daylight operation. It is designed to withstand Australia’s harsh weather and environmental conditions.

Simply insert a pre paid SIM card, connect to the camera via P2P, download Reolink Go App and start monitoring. This solar outdoor camera can record in the cloud and also in its internal SD card. It operates in a low consumption mode, only waking up when motion is detected and the battery is charged by the solar panel.

This camera is great for remote sites that lose power and internet. This includes construction sites, holiday homes, barns, boats, garages and more. The solar powered cellular camera enables you to monitor these sites remotely using the 3G/4G mobile network instead of WiFi or cable, making it more cost effective and secure than traditional wired cameras.

It features a high-quality 1/2” image sensor that produces 2K HD video. The camera also records in colour day and night with an integrated LED light that is triggered to turn on when motion is detected. It can be adjusted to be on full, medium or off brightness depending on the situation and is a great deterrent for intruders.


The camera uses an independent solar power system to recharge the batteries and keep it working 24/7. It supports a live stream on your phone and has motion alerts that send notifications. It also allows you to pan, tilt, and zoom on the video from your mobile device. It is an ideal security solution for remote locations and can be used in a cabin, shed, barn, boat, or second home.

The battery powered 4G cellular security camera is very easy to use and does not require any 4g solar camera professional installation. It can be accessed and monitored with a free APP on your phone or tablet. It works on a prepaid SIM card so there are no monthly or annual security access fees, server charges, or rental fees.

Its battery power is sufficient for weeks to months on standby mode. The lithium batteries are capable of recording a large number of events and the storage can be expanded with a microSD card. During live camera playback, you can see a monthly calendar or 24hr clock timeline for all recorded events. The recorded events can be saved to the camera or you can record them directly to your phone.

This PTZ camera has the option of using B/W infrared or LED white light night vision and is very effective at deterring intruders. The light is activated upon motion detection or remotely via the mobile APP.


This solar-powered security camera is perfect for remote areas where it is impossible to install power lines. It can be used to monitor your home, vacation homes, garages, fish ponds, farms, mines, construction sites, and other inconvenient places without power or WiFi connections. The solar 4G IP camera works independently from WiFi and transmits videos via 3G/4G networks. It also works with any SIM card and can connect to a cell network with a fixed IP address, making it ideal for locations that are difficult or expensive to wire up.

The solar powered security camera is easy to set up and requires no technical skills. Its integrated design includes a solar panel, bracket, battery, and solar controller. This eliminates excess parts and reduces installation time. Moreover, it can be used in any weather. It can withstand strong winds, snow, and rain, and is capable of recording high-quality video at night.

This outdoor security camera is equipped with a built-in PIR motion sensor and can record in HD resolution. It can also be set to record only when motion is detected. It can also detect intruders by using a dual-sensor PIR and radar. It can also record audio and alert you when it detects an intruder. The camera can be controlled with a mobile app and allows you to view and share the live video from anywhere.


Compared to traditional security cameras, a solar powered camera is much more cost effective as it uses free energy from the sun instead of expensive electricity and network connections. Moreover, they are suitable for remote sites that have no electricity or WiFi connection such as cabins, construction site, boats, second home etc.

The solar cameras typically come with an onboard SD card for storage of recording and a mobile app that allows real-time control. They may also offer cloud storage for a monthly subscription fee. If the camera is a 4G model, then it requires an active SIM card and a data plan.

A good solar powered camera will come with high-quality features such as HD 1080p resolution and 2 infrared LEDs for excellent night vision. It will also have a microphone and speaker to 4g solar camera communicate with visitors or intruders. Besides, you can also connect it to your mobile device or computer to view the live video remotely.

Another feature of a solar camera is its ability to survive harsh weather conditions. However, a solar camera can lose charging efficiency in winter as it will not receive the same amount of sunlight as it does during summer. To avoid this, it is best to bring the camera indoors for a charge at least once per day. This will ensure the battery can last for a long time.